Welcome to Taylorbar®, "The tummytime prone positioner"

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Why Taylorbar?

Because every child needs tummy time for milestone development...but it doesn't always come so easily for some.

A wonderful tool that helps overcome the frustrating tummy time battles!!

 Designed to keep supervised infants on their tummies (while on the floor) during periods of time when they are alert and active.  Especially effective for the infant who chooses to "roll" and is resistant to learning to "crawl".

What is the Taylorbar?

The Taylorbar® is a Pediatric prone positioning device.

How does the Taylorbar work?

Gently and comfortably keeps the child in a prone position to facilitate valuable baby tummy time, while at the same time allowing freedom to move about on tummy unimpeded. Eliminates rolling, encourages upper extremity and core muscle exercise, helps child progress to four-point position and crawling.

Who would benefit from a Taylorbar?

Any child with resistance to tummy time who is falling behind on gross and fine motor development and not progressing toward meeting important milestones like crawling, even though they're not getting physical therapy. Certain conditions might predispose a child to this including, but not limited to: 

* developmental delays

* medical/health problems

* decreased muscle tone

* cerebral palsy

* premature birth

* torticollis

* child's use of "rolling" as a form of locomotion

* any child who "just doesn't like to be on their tummy", yet needs that all-important prone position.


More details please!

* does not interfere with any extremity range of motion

* made of soft fleece material with a non-skid liner

* wraps around child's torso and attaches with velcro

* light weight (11 oz) and machine washable

* anti-roll bar ~ 22 inches in length, detaches for washing